Located in Moutier, the cradle of the precision machining, Kohler décolletage SA produces precision turning parts in diameter from 0.5 up to 10 mm.

With more than 100 years expertise in the micro turning and a monthly production of several millions of parts, Kohler décolletage SA is a partner of choice for watch mechanisms makers, electronics manufacturers and devices manufacturers.


1910: The company was founded by Mr. Alfred Kohler. The company ist active in the watch industry as a supplier of precision profile-turning machined parts.

1945: Change in public limited company with corporate name « Fabrique de décolletage Alfred Kohler SA ».

1958: Company take-over by Mr. Alfred Oberer, the son-in-law of Mr. A. Kohler. Several expansion steps and investments are conducted to respond to the demands of the watch industry.

1977: Company take-over by Messrs. Edouard, Fred and Bernard Oberer, the three sons of Mr. A. Oberer.
Diversification in the markets of electronics and devices, still maintaining the businesses in the watch industry.

1989: Further expansion in order to meet demand and to optimize the manufacturing. The production area reaches 900 m2.

2012: Company take-over by Mr. Christophe Gassmann, Ing. HES in Microtechnics, son-in-law of Mr. F. Oberer. The company name becomes « Kohler décolletage SA » with the goal of continuing to develop the businesses based on the high qualified staff as well as on the high production capacity already in place.